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I don't see my community listed above!

We understand that community engagement and online participation are critical to the success of any Buy Nothing group. Given this, we are launching the beta app in select locations that have expressed a high level of interest in the app. That said, if you think your community is a great fit for the beta, and you can rally them around the app, we're open to it. Email us: [email protected] And if you have not already, make sure to join our waitlist to be notified of our global launch to everyone: Join the Waitlist.

What's expected of me as a beta user?

You're agreeing to keep an open mind, use the app fully, share your feedback and ideas, tell us about your experience... and have fun! We hope that this is the beginning (or continuation) of an amazing relationship as we realize the wonderful opportunities our new platform will enable us to realize... and with your help!

What's after the beta launch?

After our beta launch in May, we will continue to update the app with wonderful new features - based on input from the community, fix issues if there are any (hehe), and make sure the app is ready for global launch. In other words, this beta launch is just the beginning of the long wonderful journey that you will be a part of and influence as we evolve.

Can I invite others?

Yes!!! Please do. You can send them to this page to sign up for the beta launch. https://www.buynothingapp.com/betasignup

What features can I expect to find in the app? Where do I find more info?

See our FAQs on the Help page. We have received lots of questions and have answered them on our Help page, where you can also contact us directly.