Community Contract

Welcome to the BuyNothing App Community. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive platform where people from around the world can connect to participate in Buy Nothing gift economies: giving, receiving, and sharing all manner of legal gifts and gratitude. We are excited and honored to have you as part of our community.

  • Give freely, receive freely, and share freely. No selling, buying, renting, trading, bartering, or otherwise engaging in this-for-that interactions. No marketing or advertising. All gifts offered and requested must be freely-given without expectation of any reward or reimbursement. Remember that all gifts have the same value in Buy Nothing: Priceless.

  • Give, Ask, and Share without limit. You may offer as much as you’d like to give. You may request as much as you’d like to receive. You may not find homes for all of your gifts and you may not receive everything you ask for, but you are encouraged to offer and ask without limit on how much, how often, market value, etc. 

  • Participate at your own risk. You are responsible for all of your interactions online and in person, and must do your own research and make your own choices in order to keep yourself safe.

  • Be accountable for yourself and your impact on the Buy Nothing community. You are always in charge of your own posts and can edit things as you desire. 

  • Build Trust. Be honest in your communication and strive to build trust through genuine interactions.

  • Real Humans Only - Participate as yourself.  No bots, no spam, no accounts for fraudulent purposes, no troll accounts. 

  • Keep Everything Legal. You must respect all laws and regulations in force everywhere you participate in the BuyNothing community. 

  • All people who are 18 years of age and older are welcome here. 

  • No hate speech, threats or harassment. No gifts that glorify hate groups or call upon others to join in active hate. We define hate speech as words or images that demean or dehumanize another person or group of people on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar historically marginalized metric.

  • Show your humanity. Remember that each person you meet here is a real person. None of us are perfect, sometimes we get things right and sometimes we get things wrong. Speak your truth without fear, listen with compassion, build the sort of community you want to live in, and allow people the time and space to learn better so they can do better. 

  • Be open to creativity. Experiment to find new ways and new gifts to give, request, and share. Find ways to use your Gives, Asks, Gratitude and Shares to build a more equitable, joyful, inclusive, sustainable, and compassionate community. 

  • Adhere to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The Basics: Give, Ask, Gratitude 

There are some basic BuyNothing gift economy actions you can take. All of these are important and they add up to a strong community: 

  • Offer any item or service you’d like to share, loan, or give away.

  • Request any service or item you’d like to borrow or keep.

  • Express your gratitude! Sharing gratitude is what fuels the magic.

What items and services can you offer or request? 

  • Any item that’s freely-given can be offered or asked for.

  • Things do not need to be brand new or even fully operational. All items are welcome. 

Here are some different freely-given service gifts you can offer or request: 

  • A Gift of Self is something that one participant can do for another. It could be an evening of babysitting, a ride for an errand, help in the garden, a request for a spiritual act like prayer or meditation, even the gift of your own company in the form of a game of Scrabble, or anything else that one neighbor might do for another neighbor.

  • A Gift of Talent is anything that one participant can teach another. Examples include: cooking or canning classes, computer lessons, tutoring or anything else that you would like to learn or teach.

  • A Gift of Time refers to offering or asking for someone to spend time with you. Examples include: jogging/walking/workout buddies, coffee/tea meet-ups, playdates for kids or pets, organizing an activity for the members of your group. This does not include open invitations to attend events that are also advertised elsewhere and open to the public, unless the recipient will be attending as a guest (or date) of the giver.