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Our gratitude to the Buy Nothing community leaders and participants who take the time for these interviews. Your stories are an inspiration!


The New York Times: How To Save Money With The Help of Your Community

NPR/All Things Considered: Facebook Project Wants You to ‘Buy Nothing’ And Ask For What You Need

The Washington Post: The Buy Nothing Movement: Give Up Your Stuff and Pick Up Some Friends

ABC News: Facebook Buy Nothing Project Helps Neighbours Connect, Reduce Waste

ABC Radio Perth: People Are Embracing a Buy-Nothing, Fix-Everything Attitude To End Throwaway Culture

Grist: Join a Buy Nothing Group and Feel Warm ‘n Fuzzy

Mother Nature Network: How Does The Buy Nothing Project Work?

South China Morning Post: ‘Giving Feels Good’: Briton’s Lamma Island Facebook Project Capitalizes On Generosity To Build Communities in Hong Kong. Social media group Buy Nothing looks to tackle the city’s growing mountains of waste, and in the process help Lamma residents build bonds.

CBC News: Ottawa Buy Nothing Groups Bringing Neighbours Together


... and even more news!

SF Gate: Buy Nothing groups aren't just about exchanging free stuff for SF residents

Bon Appetit: This Online Group Taught Me the Joy and Solidarity of Buying Nothing

CBC: As the pandemic drags on, families are waging war on COVID-19 clutter

New York Magazine: Curbed - Wait Long Enough and Almost Anything (Bananas, Pelotons) Shows Up on Facebook’s Buy Nothing Groups

CNN: This essential worker needed to glam up for the Golden Globes. So, she turned to a Facebook community to help make her dazzle

LA Times: Bowl of oranges for a bunch of basil: Strapped for cash, Angelenos turn to bartering and sharing

Slate: How a Deranged “Cat Wreath” Brought Our Neighborhood Facebook Page Together for the Holidays

Daily Beast: Inside The New Economy Where People ‘Buy Nothing’ and Give Everything

Yahoo Lifestyle: Why shoppers are choosing Buy Nothing groups over stores: They ‘don’t want to … buy another piece of plastic crap’

CBS New York: ‘Buy Nothing Project’ Aims To Reduce, Reuse And Recycle While Bringing Neighbors Together

New York Times: How to Be a More Conscious Consumer, Even If You’re on a Budget